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Should I Partner With a Virtual Assistant?

Most of us have found ourselves looking at our to-do lists with the same amount of overwhelm that we imagine we'd feel stepping into a hoarder's home. Sometimes it can feel like you spend more time on the minutia of your business than the work you're so passionate about. There are a plethora of tools and web apps available and they can be an effective way to manage your workflow, but sometimes what you really need is support.

For a large number of business owners, there comes a critical time during which you're buried in work, but your cash flow isn't where it needs to be to hire an in-house assistant - not to mention the hassle of the recruiting and hiring process. During this time in the growth of a business is when I suggest beginning your partnership with a Virtual Assistant.

How Does This Work?

In a nutshell, as your Virtual Assistant, I work remotely to assist you with what you need. I'm based out of Central Viginia, but the majority of my clients are based in metro areas across the country. I am available during EST hours, 9am - 5pm, during business days. If an emergency crops up outside of working hours, I'm available at an on-demand rate.

Most clients prefer to send tasking via email, but I am also available by phone and SMS. Once I have the information I need, I'm off!

What Kinds of Tasks Can I Delegate to You?

In general, as long as it doesn't require that I be physically present, I can tackle it - when in doubt, ask me! The list is really quite long, and I'm always working on expanding my knowlege base.

I handle a variety of tasks, depending on clients' needs. While some clients utilize me in their business, others benefit from me maintaining a balance for them in their personal life. 

While some clients really just need someone to man the mountain of incoming emails, take care of scheduling, and organize files for them, others might need someone to help with event planning, data entry, research, travel, invoicing, content management, or any other variety of tasks that drain their schedules.

I'm Ready to Start. What's Next?

Before we begin, we'll start with a free discovery consultation so that we can learn a bit about each other - I can learn more about the ways in which I'll best be able to support you, and you can learn about the way that I work with my clients. If you're ready to move forward at that point, we'll set a start date and I will send you a service agreement.

Once our service agreement is signed, I will send over a questionnaire that helps me to jump right in with a working knowledge of your preferences for several types of tasks, what your schedule looks like day to day, and the applications that you use. I strongly urge clients to use as much detail as possible - the more I know, the less I have to ask you! 

About The Talent

Brand - Bytes for you to chew on.
As a Virtual Assistant, I partner with  small to medium sized business owners by taking ownership of tasks, and the time they take, which distract them from their core focus so that they can zero in on their own unique talents without the mental clutter.

Some of my current and previous clients include businesses like: 

• Photographers
• Social Media Influencers
• Creative Agencies
• Content Management Agencies
• Bloggers
• Data Scientists
• Attorneys
• Startups

My background is in Graphic Design and Photography, but I have always had an ability to move seamlessly within several proficiencies and found that I felt underutilized in one niche. After an attempt to find more challenges in management, I ultimately made the transition to remote work. I started serving as a Virtual Assistant in the beginning of 2014, and fell in love with the work that I do and the clients I work with. A curious mind and an unwillingness to be beaten by a problem has allowed me to explore, and grow proficient in, multiple industries and functions, and the diverse range of tasks and the breadth of knowledge that my role creates the opportunity to obtain is second to none.
I grew up in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and after a (too long) hiatus in Florida, recently returned to my home area. I live with my husband, 3 daughters, and pets in Staunton, Virginia.

You can usually find me looking for something new to learn, playing an instrument, creating, or in my yoga swing if I have some free time - if I have a little more, I enjoy exploring in the mountains and getting a little lost sometimes! 

I also make the best Zuppa Toscana you'll ever taste.
Kirsten Brand Virtual Assistant
"I have worked with Kirsten for 18 months, and I could not imagine not having her help.  To be fair, I do not task her heavily on a day to day basis, but when I do its important work, usually something specific and complicated, and time sensitive.  She always comes through, is willing to attempt anything, and is a real pleasure to work with.  She is truly my professional emergency safety blanket."
Matt Shannon, 2DogsStudios
"Kirsten is wonderful to work with. Her commitment to detail and her skill at interacting with our clients has led to her becoming an integral part of our business. I can't recommend her enough."
Max Shron, Polynumeral
"If you want to uncomplicate your life with a virtual assistant you can trust to do the job right and cheerfully, look no further than Kirsten. She is fast, efficient, incredibly detail oriented and an absolute pleasure to work with."
Teri Rogers, BrickUnderground
"Kirsten is a fabulous assistant - timely, conscientious, and always thinking about how to take it to the next level. I'm most impressed with her level of technical and business competence. I've asked her to do competitive analysis and acquisition comparables, and been very impressed with the depth and completeness of her deliverables. That's not all, though - from wedding planning, to doctor's appointments, to fighting the airlines for me, Kirsten has always come through. Now my wife and I both rely on her!"


AN [inexhaustive] Sampling of my skillset


Something for Everyone

An Extra Hand

$775 Per Month

Clients who utilize this plan usually delegate about 1 hour of tasking to their Virtual Assistant per day, or 5 hours per week, if their time is utilized evenly across the month.


$1,400 Per Month

Clients who utilize this plan usually delegate about 2 hours of tasking to their Virtual Assistant per day, or 10 hours per week, if their time is utilized evenly across the month.

Power Up

$1,600 Per Month

Clients who utilize this plan usually delegate about 2½ hours of tasking to their Virtual Assistant per day, or 12½ hours per week, if their time is utilized evenly across the month.

Additional Users are billed at the rate of $150 per month, per user. Team inclusive rates are available.

Don't see what you're looking for? Need a bit more, or a bit less? and we'll work together to customize your rate!